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Branch Dispatcher

Location: Rycroft

Career Number: 954

DFI, one of the most diversely engaged companies in the industry, utilizes a wide spectrum of trades and skills. At DFI we provide ample opportunity and a unique work experience few other companies can match. We are currently seeking ambitious, innovative, and hardworking individuals to join our team. DFI offers excellent wages, comprehensive benefit and pension plans, as well as many opportunities for education and career advancement.

Job Profile

At DFI, the Dispatcher coordinates all of our people with all of our jobs. Part project manager, part supervisor, our dispatchers have exceptional communication and organizational skills, and represent a great line of contact to our customers.

Job Duties

  • Schedule and oversee field operations (Hydrovac, Transport, Crane/Picker work, Piledriving, Drilling)
  • Promote sales of DFI services with current and prospective customers in the area
  • Process bills of lading, timesheets and logs on a daily basis
  • Provide daily activity reports to Senior Management, Dispatch Coordinators and Field Supervisors
  • Conduct and participate with safety meetings
  • Provide occasional relief operating tractor, winch tractor, bed truck or picker, subject to own experience and qualifications
  • Acquiring Alberta and county permits
  • On call after hours and weekends in rotation


  • Thorough understanding of transport regulations for Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia
  • Understand Federal Hours of Service
  • Attention to detail
  • Basic computer skills with Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook